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How Kamil Sattar Went From Broke To 7 Figures With Shopify Dropshipping

Updated: May 12, 2020

Mohammed Kamil Sattar (born May 10, 1999) know as “The Ecom King is a British E-commerce


Was born into a poor family who aragonite from Pakistan but moved to the United Kingdom in 1979 for a better life and more opportunities

Kamil Sattar went through the education system failing his GCSE’S then dropping out of college after taking a business level 3 diploma, Kamil said “the Education system wasn't built for my purpose or vision so I had no motivation or need to succeed”

Kamil Sattar then went on to working a job in retail at Primark and JD sports after quitting college making minimum wage

Kamil Sattar lasted 8 months in his retail jobs after quitting due to a lack of motivation and conflict with his bosses Kamil Sattar told me “I’m not built for a job or taking orders it doesn't agree with my DNA I’m built for making my own destiny“

This is when Kamil Sattar Entrepunerial life started in 2015

Kamil Sattar had a hobby and love for high-end fashion he loved brands like Balenciaga, Christian louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti but he could never afford to buy them for himself that's when he came up with the idea to start a high end buying and reselling business as he knew the best places to get hold of these brands for a cheap price

Kamil Sattar started by building an Instagram page and making a website on Weebly for marketing and taking orders after a few months life would change dramatically Kamil would be selling high-end sneakers to celebrities, footballers, this enabled Kamil to save up enough cash flow to start another business which would be a Shopify Dropshipping business

In 2017 Kamil Sattar would launch his first Shopify Dropshipping business selling phone accessories.

For the whole of 2017, Kamil would struggle to succeed with Shopify Droppshiipng because he wasn't good at Facebook ads and found it very challenging, till Q4 2017 Kamil found his first winning product which was an iPhone privacy screen protector he generated over $20,000 in revenue

Click the link or the photo to watch the video about Kamil Sattar first winning product 👉

2018 Was the year that would change Kamil Sattar life

In 2018 Kamil started a special Christmas store for Q4 selling Christmas gifts from kids toys to beauty products this store generated Kamil over 1 million dollars in revenue

Click the link or the photo to watch the video about Kamil Sattar journey to 7 figures 👉

Now In 2020, Kamil Sattar is an industry leader for dropshipping business owners with his Youtube

channel THE ECOM KING with over 30,000 subscribers, Kamil is also a public speaker for the e-commerce industry

Kamil Sattar is an industry leader in the e-commerce & Shopify Dropshipping space and has been recognised by some of the industry-leading companies and news outlets.





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