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Tiktok is a new social media app that very popular with young people demographics. While the new social media platform isn’t as polished as the other big social media apps, its appeal to the younger generation is of interest to marketers. It is worth noting that the advertising options on the app are quite limited. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to engage with its users at this early stage. Well, if you are interested in how you can use TikTok to boost your eCommerce brand? Then, this is the post for you. Below are useful tips on how to leverage on TikTok advertising to reach a wider audience.

What is TikTok?

Tik Tok is a social media platform that allows its users to create and share short videos. It first launched as an app called Douyin in China but became TikTok after its parent company bought so as to incorporate its non-Chinese users.

Tik Tok videos utilize music or other background sounds where users are either lip syncing or enacting a comedic scene. The time frame allowed for all videos varies between 15 seconds and 30 seconds. Similar to other social media platforms the most talented and creative users become very popular influencers.

TikTok User Base

TikTok despite its popularity does not have as many users as the social media giant Instagrams. However, statistics show that as of March 2019, the platform managed to double its total number of visitors in the US from 7.5 million to 14.3 million visitors. The incredible thing about this growth is the fact that it happened in six months.

Going by the numbers, 25% of the TikTok users are with the age range of 18 and 24. Also, another quarter of the users fall under the 24 to 36 age bracket. In terms of sex, the women outnumber the men two to one.

Why Should You Use TikTok to Push Your e-Commerce Brand?

The app targets a specific user base. The platform is home to a vibrant, youthful and highly engaging audience. As a marketer of a brand, it makes the job of engaging and converting users with content easier.!

TikTok leverages on hashtags and challenges to improve engagement and it is highly effective. Also, the content on the platform are playful and light making them easy to create. While platforms like Instagram and Twitter have influencers, TikTok has Creator. Brands can partner with these creators to crafts stories and contents that resonate with the audience.

Ad formats available on TikTok

The formats available include:

● Biddable ads

● Brand takes over

● Hashtag challenge

● Branded lenses

Biddable ads

TikTok filters for ad targeting include:

● Age

● Gender

● Location

The Biddable Ads on TikTok is somewhat similar to what other platforms allow for their users when it comes to biddable ads. It is a self-service feature that allows brands to control the way their Ads run. However, it does differ in the sense that it is limited to in-stream video ads only. The instream video ad-option has 3 action models namely; CPclick, CPM, and CPView. To be counted as CPView the ad must be watched for more than 6 seconds.

Brand takeover

Brand takeover ads are ads that users see when they first open TikTok. With this ad, the brand can decide to redirect users to an external site or profile using a call to action. However, it is expensive and exclusive to just one advertiser daily

Hashtag challenge

This is a unique and remarkably efficient method of advertising on TikTok. Users are asked to be part of a challenge that spans six days. They will have to create and share videos following a suggested theme as required of the challenge.

The hashtag challenge has been a useful way of creating viral awareness for a brand such as the #inMyDenim challenge. Following the success of the hashtag challenge feature, TikTok released the hashtag challenge plus that allows users to buy a featured item that is part of the challenge without leaving the app.

Branded lenses

These are the lenses similar to those on Instagram, it features both augmented reality and filters.

How to get the best from advertising on TkTok?

To get the very best from advertising on Tik Tok, consider the following strategies;

Observe: Spend a lot of time watching TikTok videos, and note how funny and unique the contents get on the platform. Show the funny, bright side of your brand, because that is how to succeed on the TikTok platform.

Be Bold: Creators on TikTok often risk the chance of flopping on their content or going viral as they often post unfiltered content. Although, unfiltered contents can be the death of a brand on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, on TikTok mistakes can be gold. Therefore, as a brand explore new ideas and don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Engage: On social media, engagement is the goal of every campaign. Tiktok, engagement is everything. The platform is still relatively small making it the perfect place for brands to engage with their audience repeatedly. Participate in hashtag challenges with your brand and engage those that undertake your own challenge.

Finally, considering the stage where TikTok is at, now is the best time to capitalise on the opportunities that the platform offers. Like other platforms, paid ads will grant you access to reach more people. Nevertheless, the quality of your content will be vital to growing your brand.

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