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Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Many entrepreneurs, new or existing, can stumble over the process of using Facebook ads. Facebook ads seem like simple tools to stretch your business and reach a vast amount of potential customers. To which they are. Facebook does a pretty good job of making the process easy for just about anyone. In essence, you select an audience, design an ad, set a budget, and you’re off and running. They have fairly decent analytics for checking your ad’s performance and lots of available documentation to help you learn how to create better campaigns.

However, it's not all as simple as it sounds.

First of all, they cost:

Now you will be mistaken if you think you can run a business on free resources. If you’ve been successful in getting your business off the ground without using ads, you’ll eventually hit a ceiling. If you want to get your product to more customers, at some point you’ll need to pay for it. 

Requires Marketing Expertise:

If you don’t know a lot about online advertising, your ads might not be persuasive to users. Like any advertising, you need to know about how to create an effective ad. You can follow all the tips and still create an ad that doesn’t convert viewers to leads because your ad isn’t visually appealing or persuasively written.

You Need A Strategy:

Another potential drawback to Facebook advertising is that you can’t just create an ad and never look at it again, but this is true of all online advertising. I’ve seen several entrepreneurs throw money into Facebook ads only to find that they’re not getting the results they intended.

Common reasons why Facebook ads underperform:

The ads were not set up with the right marketing objectives in mind

The settings used to create the ads were not optimal, given the marketing objectives chosen

The ad image is not visually-appealing

The ad copy is not persuasively written

There’s no follow through on engagements like clicks and likes

Knowing when to start using Facebook ads is another critical task that can determine the success.

  • If you’re a business that hasn’t sold anything, then you have no proof of concept. You don’t know the market even wants your item or is at least interested in it.

  • If your drop shipping items, you don’t know if your products are good as you don’t get to see them. You’ll need proof via organic sales to gain the confidence in the need and want of your products in order to sell in mass through the Facebook ads.

  • If you don’t have high ticket products (products with high-profit margins) then Facebook ads will not enable profitable trade. If you buy products at $10 and sell them for $25 the $15 in-between has to cover every cost, tax, ads, earning and profit on top in order to make any money from it.

To figure out when to run your ads, you need to have a deep understanding of your business, your industry, and your customer.

With Facebook ads, it’s not so much about reaching the most people as it is reaching the right people. But when you know where the right people are, take a look at this free case study which demonstrates how to implement the simple system to get high volume customers in your e-commerce business.

Here are some tips:

When it comes to targeting and reaching your audience with a relevant message, you need to understand:

•What platforms your audiences use?

•What types of language they use and how do they communicate?

•What types of content do they engage with most often?

Monitor performance and adjust in real-time:

Monitoring your Facebook Ads campaigns in real-time enables you to know whether or not your ads are working for people and enables you to make adjustments. For example:

If your clicks are lower than expected, it could be worth optimising your call-to-action.

If your engagement isn’t where you want it to be, you can create a new ad set with updated creative.

If your reach is too low, try updating your audience targeting parameters

Track the right metrics for your business:

Before you start thinking about launching any Facebook Ads campaign, I would recommend to think clearly about how you will measure the performance of your ads.

For example, how many email subscribers or how many leads have been driven.

Think long-term:

The important thing about Facebook is to have a long-term strategy behind your actions.

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