How To Test Products With Facebook Ads In 2020

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The quality of your product beats the influence of any other factor concerning your product. If your product is found to be genuine and answers consumers needs as well as adds value to them, then you can rest assured that a good ad will correctly position your product to attract clients all over the world.

Perhaps, this is a significant reason your product should be extremely prioritised if what you seek is a long-lasting effect of your investment in any and of ads. Hence, the first fall out for a bulk of business owners who many times put the cart before the horse and get failed results. Your product is the man deal which is accessorised by the sales copy, the ads, the various forms of marketing. Once the

product is terrible, every other thing is awful too.

About niches, having had some experiences with them, it is easy to state and explain how they work. In simple terms, if a niche is considered potential enough for the launching of products, then we consistently put out products on that niche. Thanks to the availability of many amazing platforms and custom merchandising, new and lucrative products can be quickly launched there regardless of their category.

You can easily attract your clients in your food business by creatively putting up different food captions on items such as face caps shirts cups et cetera.

Having established the firm position of the product, I have a credible system that tests a few things about every new product in a jiffy.

You can be sure of the system I am about to propose because it has a proven track record of building successful niches.

This is a simple description of how the Round 1 testing Ads work:

Campaign 1:

Website Conversion Campaign:

Ad Set 1: Master Niche Audience

Ad Set 2: Friends of Fans

Ad Set 3: Dialed interests

Ad Set 4: Broad interest

Campaign 2:

Page Pose Engagement Campaign:

Ad Set 1: Master Niche Audience

Ad Set 2: Friends of Fans

Ad Set 3: Dialed interests

Ad Set 4: Broad interest

These are the two major categories of campaigns that I work with, and each group is made up of 4 and sets. The significant difference is the focus of optimisation being either for PPE or WC.

The key ingredient of the ad copy is a "CTA" which means Call to Action. Our CTA has become simple and visible. An example is; "You want this? Buy here: LINK."

The various ad sets target the same ideal statistics with each of them at the rate of $5/day with the knowledge of my audience in terms of gender, age, location et cetera. For wrist watches, we are looking at 17-45 men with Mobile & Desktop for all ad sets.

The 4 ad sets all different target groups of our potential buyer audience that can tell us a few things right away though.

1. The Master Niche Audience is for viewers who have visited at least one product in that niche. Many times this audience serves as a reliable indicator that the product is a winner. In situations where this does not work it does not ultimately rule out the potential of that product, it might just mean the angle of the present buyers differs somewhat from that of the previous buyers

An example of the wristwatch niche involves chain strapped wrist watches and leather strapped wristwatches. While the past buyers might have been attracted to chain wristwatches, the present ones have an attraction for leather wrist watches. They are both in the same niche.

To successfully get results from this niche, you should have a master custom audience which ranges between 3-5000 people. Otherwise, this ad set might not specifically be for you.

2. Looking for a way to grow your likes and fan base? Look no further, the Friends of Fans targets the common passion niches. We help you maximise your reach on social media platforms by targeting your friends and fans. This will attract more likes and audience additions than other ad sets.

3. Another great indicator of a high winning product is top interests. It is our primary way of starting a new product targeting a group of most likely people to purchase the products in that niche as a result of well-researched interests. These product brands are categorised into associations, niche publications, celebrities, b list et cetera.

You can be sure the sales will come at a faster pace than the others except for the master custom audience.

4. While this broad interest ad set is not the most viable for new products, it is the best when targeting millions of people in a large audience because it can easily attract consistent sales. You can split your massive audience into many groups to expand the reach and increase sales simultaneously. This ad set is great at proving the feasibility of your product is a scalable winner.

I hope this helps you test products with Facebook Ads!

I have also made a Youtube video regarding 5 Reasons Why Your Ads Fail!

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