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When looking for a supplier, it can be quite challenging to pick the one that will work best with your company and deliver qualities that you expect of a supplier. Price, Product quality, reliability, availability and customer service are all important factors in identifying a good supplier.

A supplier having a solid reputation is good indication of willingness to work with you. To research a suppliers reputation you can look at reviews, feedback, references or testimonials and company credit checks.

Below, I am going to give 5 points to look into when looking for a suitable supplier:


The location of the supplier is pretty important, not only to keep shipping costs down but to be able to supply within the timeframe required. Being on top of shipping costs and picking a supplier that is within you desired shipping budget will enable you to keep costs as low as you need and in the long run will encourage higher net profits. As well, you need suppliers that will supply your product as soon as possible. A timeframe I suggest to keep your customers waiting at absolute max is 2 weeks. However, ideally you need to be within competition and keep up with fast delivery times.


When your goods are on the line, it’s crucial that you’re working with someone who can take responsibility for their actions and actively work to fix any problems that occur. A supplier that won’t own up to their own mistakes can deter your ability to meet deadlines and product requirements. Look for signs of accountability in a supplier early on in your relationship.

3. Production Capabilities.

A good supplier should be able to consistently manufacture a product that meets your expectations. Without having the necessary procedures and skilled staff at the factory, your supplier is going to fall short of meeting your standards. Many suppliers will tell you they can supply the products you need. But a truly good supplier will allow you to verify claims by visiting or auditing the factory.


A good supplier will allow you to request a product sample to approve before moving ahead with mass production, you can get an idea of whether the factory can meet your product requirements. You can also send the sample to a lab for testing to confirm product standards. Being able to get a sample will allow you to know that what you are sending customers is exactly how you want things to be.


You’ll benefit from working with a supplier with good communication skills. Language and cultural barriers can present real challenges so effective communication can prevent a variety of problems. Open and direct communication is one aspect of a good supplier. They know that you may have made commitments to your own customers, and it doesn’t help to keep you uninformed about a bad situation. If there’s a change, they tell you upfront. If they need clarification about your requirements, they ask for it.

Some quick tips when working with a supply:

•Know and understand their hours of business, their insurance and liability structure, and their returns or damage policy.

•Good suppliers will be compliant with regulations and systems.

•Have other suppliers so that if needed you may purchase from them if your chosen supplier is unable to deliver for some reason.

•Check if you can brand the products to make it your own.

•Working with suppliers is a long term commitment – build a strong stable relationship to get the best out of each other.

•Never forgot that you are the authority, not the suppliers.

Here are 30 different suppliers:

1 – AliExpress .com– One of the better ones out there that most marketers are using. The only downside is that their shipping can be extremely slow. 2 – DX .com– A.K.A. Deal Extreme has been around for many years and has some amazing products that you could sell with great margins. 3 – WholesaleCentral .com– One of the most comprehensive list of free drop shippers which you could find in virtually any niche. They are also free. 4 – FragranceNet – This is a great source if you are looking to sell perfumes and fragrances. 5 – Vitabase– A great source to supply vitamins for skin, health and beauty drop shipped products. 6 – DressLink .com– A great source if you plan on selling dresses with amazing margins. 7 – Tiny Deal – Similar to DX but you could find unique products as well. 8 – Milanoo– A great supplier of wedding dresses, prom dresses. 9 – Dino Direct – Another awesome source for electronic products and gadgets. 10 – DHGate– Similar to many other Chinese suppliers but worth taking a look at for some hidden deals. 11 – TMart– Another great source for gadgets and gifts. 12 – Geek Buying – A great source for geek / nerdy gadgets and technology. 13 – Lovely Wholesale – An awesome source to find unique dresses and fashion designs. 14 – China Vision – An awesome source for cheap electronics and gadgets. 15 – Hinky Import – A unique niche drop shipper for Tibetan Jewelry and Buddha products. 16 – Focal Price – This site has been around for a long time and great for gadgets and gifts. 17 – Sammy Dress – One of the better dropship suppliers for unique clothing with a huge variety and HD graphics. 18 – Rose Beading – A great source for Jewelry making products. 19 – Buy Fengshui – A large variety of Fengshui products available for drop shipping. 20 – Born Pretty – A great source to sell beauty and nail products. 21 – Au Fragrances Of Paris – This has been around for a very long time and you could easily get to the owner to request drop shipping services. 22 – Honest Green – A supplier of green and solar energy products. 23 – Complete Medical – over 12,000 medical products available to dropship. 24 – Cutting Edge Products – A large variety of home security. 25 – First Aid Product – A supplier of survival, first aid and disaster relief kits. 26 – Wholesale Survival Kits – A great source for survival kits and food storage. 27 – Hobby Tron – A large variety of hobby related products available for dropship. 28 – Pet Stores USA – A supplier of pet products and over 2500 branded items. You will need to request for drop shipping access for this supplier. 29 – Wholesale Hub – Similar to Wholesale Central where they have a list of drop shipping and wholesale suppliers. 30 – Dollar Days – A huge list of dollar items which you could easily sell on your stores.

I have also made a Youtube video regarding Best Dropshipping Supplier methods In 2019 click the link to check it out

Here Is a list of USA Dropshipping suppliers, Source credit"

ASI Partners Computers & Electronics

Adult Wholesale Direct Adult Products

Ah Goo Baby Child & Baby Products

Akcessoryz Accessories

Allure Lingerie Lingerie

Alpha Imports Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories Dropshippers

Amzer Cellular/Mobile Phone Accessories

Arett Sales Garden & Outdoor Living Supplies

Ashley Furniture Furniture

Azure GreenW Metaphysical Gifts & Collectibles

B&F / Maxam Wholesale General Merchandise

BBQ Fans Kitchen & Gift

Bangalla Distribution Eco-Friendly, Health & Beauty, Food

Beauty Joint Makeup

Birddog Distributing Specialty Lighting & Accessories

Bisket Basket Dropshipping Gifts Dropshippers LLCMartial arts equipment, Uniforms

BohAwesome Fashion, Accessories, Home Décor

Born Pretty Makeup

Bradley Caldwell Pet, Farm, & Veterinary Supplies

Brybelly Gaming, Toys, Health & Beauty

Burch Fishing Tackle Hunting

Buy2bee Fashion

Candle Wacks Home & Garden Dropshippers

Car CoversCar & Auto Dropshippers

Carolina Distribution Musical Instruments & Home Furnishing

Casey’s Distributing Sports Merchandise & Collectibles

CCWholesaleClothing Women Clothing, Accessories

Clothing Dropshipping Clothing, Fashion

Clothing Showroom Clothing

Collectivefab Clothing

Cost Tag Computers & Electronics

Crestview Collection Home Décor

CTW Home Collection Home Décor

Cutting Edge Products Security, Safety, & Spy Products

CWR Electronics Electronics & Marine Products

Daisy Corsets Corsets, Costumes, Dresses

Danforth Gifts, Jewelry

Design Lab Design Chairs

Dia Naturals Health and Beauty, Natural Products

Discount Teak Furniture Home & Garden Dropshippers

Dollardays Office

Dollipops Kidz Child Clothing

Dreamy Wood Wooden Watches

Eastwind Gifts General Merchandise & Home Décor

EDI Atlanta Computers & Accessories

Eldorado Adult Products

Electronic Bundles Cellular/Mobile Phone Accessories

Elegant Moments Lingerie

E.P. Design LabSpecial Lamps

Essential Pet Products Pet Supplies

Esutras Health & Wellness, Organic Products

Europa Sports Products Health & Sports Nutrition

EZ Dropshipper As Seen on TV

Fashion Stories Fashion

Fastfurnishing Furniture, Home

Forudesigns Clothing, Fashion

Fragrance Net Fragrances, Skin Care & Haircare

Fragrance X Fragrances & Perfumes

Furniture Pipeline Furniture

Ganz Home & Garden Dropshippers

Gift Tree Gifts Dropshippers

Glassheads Glass & Smoking Accessories

Green Supply Outdoor, Hunting, & Shooting

Grey Eagle Trader Outdoor Gear, Knives, & Security Equipment

Guardian Survival Gear Emergency & Survival Gear

G World Lingerie

Herstation Handbag, Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes

Hicks Inc Fishing

Hidey Boo Children Products

Honest Green Green & Eco-Friendly Products

Honey’s Place Adult Products

Hot Stuff Movie Posters, Art Prints & Decals

Hypercel Cellular/Mobile Phone Accessories

International Wholesale Gifts & Collectibles Gifts & Collectibles

JBoutman Outdoor Gear, Knives, & Gifts

JDS Marketing Gifts Dropshippers

JGoodin Jewelry

Judaica Kingdom Jewelry & Judaic Art & Gifts

Key Stone Automotive Car & Auto Dropshippers

Kichler Lighting

Kimmy Shop Toys, Games & Collectibles

Koehler Home Décor Home Décor

Kojent Apparel Custom T-Shirts & Embroidery

Kole Imports General Dollar Store Merchandise

Kroll International Inc Hunting

Laptop Plaza Laptop

Lavinia Lingerie Lingerie

Led Sneakers Shoes

LexAnd7th Jewelry

MA Labs Computers & Electronics

Magnolia Baby Baby Clothing

Magnum Tuning Automotive Dropshipper

MaleBasics Underwear For Men

Mawu Sunglasses

Mega Goods General Merchandise & Electronics

Mini Gadgets Security, Safety, & Spy Products

Mirage Pet Products Pet Supplies

Mobileistic Cellular/Mobile Phone Accessories

ModeShe Women Clothing

Mod Loft Home & Garden Dropshippers

Mom Innovations Child & Baby Products

Moteng Outdoor Gear, Knives, & Security Equipment

MOY Fashion HQ Women Clothes, Fashion

Nearly Natural Silk Flowers & Plants

New York Bar Store Home & Garden Dropshippers

Nordstrom Rack Clothing (female, male, kids)

Nourison Floor covering

Novatech Wholesale General Merchandise

Oceanic Gold USA Health & Beauty

Ohio Fitness Garage Sporting Goods, Educational Items & Safety

Olympia Sports Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

Park Designs Home Décor

Park Flyers Hobby & R/C Toys

Pet Stores USA Pet Supplies

Petra Industries Electronics & Accessories

Pick Your Look Clothing

Pierce Body Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

Pleaser USA Shoes

Plum Island Silver Jewelry

Pout In Pink Child Clothing

Power Salez Computers & Electronics

Power Systems Fitness Dropshippers

Pure Mobile Cellular/Mobile Phone Accessoriess

RSR Group Tactical Gear, Outdoor Gear, & Shooting Products

Reiko Phone Accessories

Richard Cannon Jewelry Jewelry

Rockline Dropship Hobby Toys & Collectibles

Royal Apparel Clothing & Apparel

SP Images Sports Merchandise & Collectibles

SP Racing Online Car & Auto Dropshippers

Safe Racks Home & Garden Dropshippers

Safety Technology Security, Safety, & Spy Products

Saffron Fabs Home Décor, Carpet

Seavenger Sporting Goods Dropshippers

Seawide Electronics & Marine Products

Sewell Direct Electronics Dropshippers

Sex Toy Distributing Adult Products

SexToyDropShipping Adult Products

SilverDepot Jewelry

Silver Stars Collection Jewelry

Simon Stamp Gifts, Collectibles & Others

Sparkle in pink Kids Clothing

Strawberry Net Fragrances, Skin Care & Cosmetics

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise Dropship Directories

Synnex Computers & Electronics

TBO Tech Gifts, Collectibles & Others

Tactical Gear Distributors Tacticle Gear, Outdoor Gear, & Shooting Products

Teledynamics Telecommunication products & Consumer Electronics

Trademark Poker Toys & Games Dropshippers

Trendsgal Clothing

Trevcoinc Textile, Home

Tucker Motorcycle Accessories

Turn 14 Distribution Vehicle Supplies

Ujena Wholesale Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories Dropshippers

VIG Furniture Furniture

Viking Wholesale Knives, Swords & Replicas

Vousi Jewelry

WYNIT Electronics & Digital Image Products

Watch Wholesalers Watches

Wedding Factory Direct Wedding Accessories

WheelPros Vehicle Wheel

Wholesale Audio Club Electronics Dropshippers

Wholesale Blades Knives

Wholesale Christian Gifts Gifts, Collectibles & Others

Wholesale Interiors Furniture

Williams Trading Adult Products

Win-Tron Electronics Electronics & Marine Products

XS Depot Computers & Software

Yoga Swings Fitness Dropshippers

YouBar Custom Nutritional Bars

Zanheadgear Headgear, Wraps, & Riding Eyewear

Zuo Home Décor"

Here Is a list of UK Dropshipping suppliers

Acess – Jewellery & Fashion

Activ8 – Phone accessories

Alterego – Lingerie

Xtrader – Adult

Football Souvenirs – Football & Sports accessories

Smoke purer dropship – e-Cigarette

Republic of music – Music

Puckator – Gifts

Power body – Health

Geko Products – Home décor

Funny gifit shop – gifts

Fahion dropshipers – Fashion

Dropship clothes – Clothing

Clothes 2 order – Clothing

Blondifox – Clothing

Bytomic – Fitness

Artisain – Furniture

Party chap – Party accessories

1on1wholesale – Adult

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