How Much Do You Need To Start Dropshipping In 2020

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Truth is, it can range anywhere from $50 to about $1,100, depending how much sweat equity you want to put in because you can either use organic marketing, which is the sweat equity, or you could use paid advertising.

It’s known as sweat equity because it’s free however you have to put a lot of work and effort into it. Paid advertising leverages your money. If you are on a low budget, I would recommending using organic to get your first few sales to eshatblish social proof, then you can reinvest the money you’ve made doing that into paid advertising. Paid advertising is a great way to scale your business - only if your business is ready to scale. If your on a high budget I would recommend using both.

They’re are many alternatives to shopify. Shopify can be very expensive when you start especially if your on a low budget. Shopify is going to cost you 50/75 dollars on average a month for all the correct apps in order for your store to work at its best. For a low budget beginner, this isn’t ideal but if your on a high budget, shopify is a great option because of the software, the automation and third party apps.

Here is an alternative if you are on a low budget: Ideal store build would be done with and WooCommerce. That’s $29/month or $18/month paid annually, and there’s a several massive benefits to going that route over : First two months are reimburseable should you change your mind. So as long as you can cover the monthly-payments, they are risk-free, essentially. Free, 24/7, high-quality technical assistance. Faster page loads(=higher conversion rates, more sales). Most importantly— you don’t pay the percentage of revenue required by Shopify. WPEngine’s next plan up offers 10 stores for $99/month. Once you put the time in to build one great sales page, WPEngine let’s you copy it over to a new install so you can tweak it for a new product.

Purchasing product to sell will be unnecessary, since you won’t pay for it until you sell it. You will need a minimum budget of around 50$ because you will have to pay for the product because the payment will be on hold for 7-21 days. You can use credit cards to so I recommend getting a credit card.

Finally, the ads… the ads aren’t crucial. You can spread the word manually. But if you go the ads route— you really, truly need about $1,000 to properly test some campaigns. 5–10 different audiences, 5–10 different ads to try…. Most people don’t do this. Too small a sample size, that’s what. Doesn’t help that they’re running a generic Shopify store with 30 unrelated products. All with generic titles, generic/stock images, generic descriptions, and a price tag that is far, far too low for anyone to believe their stuff has any quality at all. This is why I recommend going with a niche store because it makes marketing cheaper and easier and friendly with higher conversion rates. When picking your niche, pick one product and test, test, test! Then once you’ve found products that are successful within that niche, then you can open up a niche store with different variants and different models. Patience.

I have also made a Youtube video regarding

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I hope this has helped build your knowledge about how much you need to start a dropshipping business.

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