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Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Do you seek to improve your sales in the shortest time possible? Well, this is for you. There are quite a number of ways to generate sales for your store, you might have got this far using some of them. Imagine having a way to generate even more sales on your store; right!

Google shopping ads, known by many as Product ads are the answer. It’s rather unfortunate Product ads is not getting the hype it deserves. It’s so underrated that it accounts for only about one-fifth of retail paid search clicks. Good for you though, there are a million and one opportunities to tap from Google shopping ads.

This article seeks to address how Google shopping ads work, how you can create one, and also, how you can boost your sales with Google shopping ads.

What are Google shopping ads?

They are ads you are familiar with and must have come across while using google. Google shopping ads are ads displayed on Google’s search query for a particular product. For example, you search, say “gaming laptops”, some adverts pop up somewhere below the search query. The ads direct you to online stores where you can get what you searched (gaming laptops). Now, this is a plus for you as a store owner because the ads not only display high-quality images of what you sell but also the prices. More so, since most search engines will display your product listing ads at the very top, you could leverage so much on this to boost your sales.

How to set up Google shopping ads

You will need a Google Merchant Center account to get started with Google shopping ads. So, if you are yet to have an account, go ahead and sign up. Set up your Google Merchant Account through, follow the sign-up instructions, and once you have done that, proceed to create a shopping feed that contains the products your store sells. This is no herculean task; check for the menu at the left and click “Feed” (You will see other options like Dashboard, Diagnostics, Products, Settings etc.).

Though many find it a little difficult, it’s quite easy to set up your Merchant Center feed as long as you adhere to the instructions and fill the forms Google presents to you.

Having set up your product feed, the next thing to do is to link your Google Ads account with your Google Merchant Center Account. In the sidebar, click on “Settings”, select ads, and then, click on “Link Account” If you do not want to set up your ads campaign through Merchant Center, you could use Google Adwords. It’s even better.

Ways of maximising revenue using shopping ads.

It doesn't matter what level of sales you're on. You should give the following some deep thoughts, especially if you're certain that your click-through rate and conversion results are on the rise.

Adjust your bidding: Think of AdWords as a bidding system where the highest bidder wins. So in essence, the higher you pay for your product listing ad, the higher your exposure and online visibility. It may happen that you make a product listing ad and you receive little or no clicks, raising your bids might be your best bet in situations like this.

Change your ad image: Apart from adjusting your bidding system, you could consider changing your ad image for better clicks. The reason for this is quite obvious; people's brains process images a lot faster and that goes a long way in influencing whether they click on your ad or not. Your ad is as good as the ad image. Consider using quality images from your product feed and you're good to go.

Retargeting: Research has shown that 70% of retargeted ads actually convert at the end. It's worth it,

isn't it? Of course, it is. Retargeting, also known as re-marketing is a way by which you keep track of your visitors and encourage them to take action on your web page or store.

Optimize your product descriptions: Many sellers get it wrong here as the product they have hardly matched the description they put up. It is so much important that you advertise exactly what you have, and with the right words, to generate more clicks. Keywords go a long way in influencing whether a buyer will stay and shop with you.

Offer promotions: Everyone likes promotions; so, to get ahead of your competitors, offer nice promotions to your buyers and ensure to add it to your ad. For instance, you could offer promotions like "free shipping"(and make sure to include those words in the ad description). Buyers tend to patronize you when they see there’s something for them to gain.

Keywords exclusion: Some words are part of your ad description that won't help generate any click. There is then no use keeping them when you can replace with more optimized keywords. To exclude keywords not helping your campaign, go to "All campaigns" page and choose your campaign. Next, you click on "Keywords". With this, you can input the keywords you want to exclude at "Ad Group Level" or "Campaign level", depending on how you set up your campaign from the start.

How do you know the words to exclude? On the same page, click on Search terms. This will lead you right to the page containing all search query terms visitors have used to come across your ads. Knowing the search query terms not only helps you take out low performing words but also test the high performing ones to see if there's room for improvement to generate better sales. In other words, low performing words are only there on your campaign, and won't generate any revenue for you at all. Keeping them is a waste. Also, you can review and improve the keywords that actually generate good clicks and revenue for you to generate even better results.


As an e-commerce store owner, a deep study of Google Shopping Ads is worth your time. With the right knowledge, you can increase clicks and conversion rates of your ads by putting up high-quality images of your products and backing them with "solid and valid" description texts. This way, only serious buyers will come your way. As we've said earlier, a lot of people find it difficult setting up Google shopping ads, but guess what! We have just pulled you out of that circle. You now know how to get started, and once you get started, there' no stopping you, because you are on a fast lane to better sales.

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