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Emails are one of the largest personal and beneficial marketing tools that a dropshipping business can use. It is said to be an important feature of a great eCommerce store. Using automated email funnels (sales funnel) technique in your dropshipping business can increase your monthly income.

Writing proper email campaigns can be tricky. So, how do you write an attractive email? Below, are tips and techniques to make your email campaigns successful.

Understanding The Sales Funnel’s Place In Your Drop Shipping Business

A sales funnel is a purchasing process that leads customers from engagement to sales of your products and services. For your Shopify dropshipping store, the sales funnel is divided into various steps and phases that will be listed and explained in detail below.

Post PurchaseAbandoned Cart Opt-InEngagementPromotional

When a purchase is made, automated email campaigns start up the actual marketing process. A series of notifications are sent to the mail, as remainders of certain goods either purchased or left in the cart. Serving as a trigger, by using triggers; you can publicize your products to the right customers.

Some possible sources of traffic to help boost sales on your store include;

Blog bannersOrganic SearchesBing AdsGoogle PLAsYouTube InstagramFacebookPinterest

Most times, people who enter your store tend to buy immediately, while some people don't buy immediately. With triggers and good email campaigns (sales funnels), you could make them a good customer for your dropshipping business.

Basics of Sales funnel

The real marketing starts when people don’t make purchases. Using automated email campaigns, you can set triggers through email reminders.

klaviyo Flow

You can opt for the email service Klaviyo when using Shopify. Their email order is referred to as ‘Flows’. You will first set up flows that are triggered by Shopify actions that are crucial to your sales funnel and email campaigns.

Shopify Email Marketing Triggers

Post Purchase

When an order is placed from your Shopify store, Shopify transfers that customer and all of their information into your Klaviyo account. Then you can start the automated email order.

Abandoned Cart

This is when a visitor adds an item to their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase. Hence, it is a lead for a trigger for email campaigns. Klaviyo will start an automated email order to get the buyer to complete their purchase.

A commonly used strategy for turning an abandoned cart lead into a buyer is to give a discount or coupon to make them ready to buy.


When your dropshipping store visitors opt-in for promos like free shipping on their next order, or discount, it will open a means of interaction and this is a good way to turn these leads into customers. An email order will start, It will include their promo or freebies once they provide their name and email.

Since opt-in leads have not purchased or left an item abandoned in their cart, you will want to have a few different orders to turn them into buyers.

We’ll give a quick review of the difference linking the Initiation order and Engagement order for opt-in leads.

The Initiation Order For Opt-In Leads

It is an email you send to introduce yourself to the customer. The email is crucial as it is a chance to gain the customer's trust. If successful, it is a chance to turn a lead to a customer and a return customer.

The Engagement Order For Opt-In Leads

Here, you will introduce your store and brand. It is an opportunity to build value for your store and get customers familiar with your brand.

It is not advisable to combine both types of opt-in sequence. You don’t want to bombard the customer with too much information. Also, It is a great opportunity to send another email with more information to the customer in small digestible bites.

5 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns that you can use for any dropshipping store.

1. Initiation & Engagement

2. Abandoned Cart

3. Post Purchase

- Reduce Buyer’s Remorse

- Increasing Each Customer’s Lifetime Value

- Collecting Testimonials and Reviews

4. Engagement

5. Promotional

These business practices are standard that work for practically any dropshipping store and once they are applied correctly, they will work for you as well.

Email Campaign 1: Initiation & Engagement

This email campaign is the first order of email that will be sent. Introducing yourself and your brand as we have said initially, the objective is to create a utility with potential customers and this campaign is important for doing that.

If someone becomes a lead on your website, they could have come from several sources. They could be a new customer, someone that abandoned their cart, they opted in to receive your newsletter, they opted in to receive a coupon or promotion, and many more! How they became a lead doesn't matter? You have to engage them using these triggers, orders, and emails. You already have their email is in your system.

Initiation Email Campaign

Three separate emails are to be sent in a certain order.

Email #1: This email is sent immediately and it notifies the customer correctly either from becoming a new customer or opt-in for your newsletter or freebie. ("Thank you for your purchase!”, “Here is your freebie!” etc)

Email #2: After 24-hours of delay, this email will return the suitable message based on the trigger. Don’t forget, With Klaviyo, the process is automated.

Email #3: This email will be sent to the customer after an extra delay since Email #2 was sent.

People aren’t going to click links inside the email to buy immediately; therefore, this campaign isn’t going to make you money at the moment. But, in the long term, it is a moneymaker. There is substantial evidence that it works.

Email Campaign 2: Abandoned Cart

Believe me; this email campaign is going to be your limitless moneymaker. The audience receiving this email campaign has already shown interest in buying. They have an item in their cart. So, you know precisely what they want. You just have to complete the sale process.

Some of the reasons why a customer would abandon their cart could be:

They got preoccupied before they could finish buying.They want to inquire before buying.They are considering if they want to buy the item or not.No matter the reason, they are only a few steps away from buying.

Abandoned Cart Campaign

Using the right email campaign to re-engage your customer, you can to get them to come back and buy. The email campaign is six separate emails sent within 10 days. It may appear like a long time but it is effective for turning abandoned cart leads to buyers. The following are some of the things to offer in the separate emails:

Offer a coupon for their purchase. Ask people for feedback.Attempt to have them re-engage with us.Our goal is to start a conversation to get them to buy from our store.

The first email is sent within four hours and the second within twenty-four hours using Klaviyo. These first two emails are analytical and are going to make you the most money.

Email Campaign 3: Post Purchase

After a customer has purchased from your dropshipping Shopify store, this email campaign will be sent.

The different goals of this marketing email campaign are;

- Reduce Buyer’s Remorse

Reducing the buyer's remorse is one of the important goals of this campaign. Customer satisfaction is very essential; therefore, make use of this email campaign to reduce the chance of people returning products they have purchased.

If you are into big-ticket drop shipping, most of the customers are going to be first-timers. By using this email campaign, we will help reduce buyer’s remorse by backing up their resolution of making the purchase.

- Increasing Each Customer’s Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value is the monetary value of a customer over a lengthened period. As a result, increasing the lifetime value of a customer is another goal of the post-purchase email campaign. It can take many forms including up-selling, cross-sells, and referrals. In the middle of the post-purchase campaign; you will want to offer things that can benefit your like discount codes, referral codes for friends, etc.

- Gathering Testimonials and Reviews

Gathering testimonials and reviews is the end goal of this email campaign and it is best to ask your customer to give a review within the first few weeks of purchase. Having great reviews from customers on your website will grow your conversion rates.

DropShipping Post Purchase Email Campaign

This email campaign consists of nine emails that will be sent within the next 14 days and towards the end of the 14 days, you should propose to get a testimonial or review.

Email Campaign 4: Engagement

Following the completion of the email orders, the engagement email campaign is what you are going to set up. The goal is to place your brand in front of your leads and customers. These emails are usually content-based. Below are and some information you can highlight in the emails are:

Announcing a new supplier.Introducing a new product.Talking about what’s going on with your business.

Note: Shopify DropShipping Engagement Email Campaign could either be sent weekly or once every two weeks.

Email Campaign 5: Promotional

It is an email campaign that targets everyone on your email list. Regardless of the fact that they might be old customers or new to your store. The purpose of the campaign is to inform your contact about any upcoming event or promotions happening at your store. DropShipping Shopify Promotional Email Campaign will be sent based on what event is happening.

What does “Event-Based” mean? These events could include:

Black Friday4th of JulyEasterChristmasMemorial DayLabor Day

You should run a promotional campaign that lines up with one of these events when you get the chance. It could be the same promotions you have given before.

Grab Their Attention!

The goal for every business owner or entrepreneur is to hold the attention of their customers. You must have grabbed the attention of your customers previously. Nevertheless, watch out for our post on how to retain your customer's attention on a consistent basis.

An Important Thing to Keep In Mind About Shopify Email Marketing

Every customer’s email on your list is already in your dropshipping stores. To build customer relationship, it is imperative to send emails weekly or bi-weekly to all customer. Also, email engagements can contain promotional contents and information that will benefit your customers throughout the year.

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