Best Shopify & Dropshipping Apps In 2020

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The Shopify App Store has many useful apps to help you grow your business but it’s not always easy to filter through thousands of apps to choose which will be best for your business. Apps can be expensive, but there are many which are free and are available to install in your store.

Here I’ll show you the top Shopify apps, starting with the free ones followed by ones to buy, which will help you create a successful store.


This is an App that adds a bar to the top of your website to mention shipping details. If you want to up your sales and increase your average cart value, then this app is for you. As well as boosting cart value, it also increases the chances that browsers of your store will convert into customers. The Free Shipping Bar app enables Shopify store owners to add a fully customisable bar to the top of their site displaying a free shipping offer.

If you don’t offer free shipping currently, this might encourage you to try: from people who abandoned their carts, 28% of them cited the shipping costs for the reason.


Google images are the second most-used search engine. If you’re not optimising your images for Google Images Search on your Shopify store, then you’re losing the opportunity to grow your store. This app will automatically optimise the alt text for every image on your site for Google, however, it doesn’t optimise the file size, so you will have to do that before uploading images to your store. 

3. KIT

This is an automated marketing tool officially paired through Facebook. Kit helps you to manage your Facebook and Instagram ads through a simple-to-use Messenger interface. When you want to create a new campaign, you would message Kit through messenger and then after a quick back-and-forth, your campaign will be up and running. You can also send emails to repeat customers create discount codes to help encourage sales. On top of this, you can access reports to determine your sales performance.


This app is a dropshipping product importer. With this, there’s no need to buy bulk inventory, and you won’t have to spend money designing your own products. It allows new entrepreneurs to start a low-risk business. As it’s an automated app, you can process orders within just one click which makes this app is great for those who may still be working a 9 to 5 job as the workload is very light.


Sales pop is a notification system in the form of a sales pop-up. They help build social proof to store visitors as it convinces the customer that people are buying from your store. Be sure to limit the number of pop-ups you use on your store such as getting rid of email pop-ups as it can overwhelm the mobile user. 


By allowing customers to review your products, you are enabling yourself to build social proof on your product page. The app is also SEO friendly allowing you to add your product review scores in Google’s search. There is also a paid version called Product Reviews Addon which has several other features that might be worth checking out in the future.


With this app, a customer can log on and easily find the products they added to their cart regardless of what device they’re on. Some people choose to start their search on mobile but buy on a desktop or vice versa. Having their cart appear on all their devices helps increase sales by reminding them that there are items in their cart waiting to be purchased.


Working as a loyalty app, this helps convey that you appreciate your customers by rewarding them with points. They can use their points to redeem special offers such as discounts, free products or free shipping. It’s much more affordable to remarket to someone who’s already familiar with your brand than to find new customers which makes this app even more appealing.


Ranging from free-$20 a month, you can drive further traffic to your store with this app. SEO is one of the best ways to boost your traffic and sales. Working like your personal SEO assistant, SEO plug-in app helps you better optimise your web pages by giving you suggestions on how you can improve and it will continue checking your shop and alerting you when there are any issues found.



To increase your average order value, you need to upsell. Upselling is where you create opportunities for customers to purchase related products with the goal of making a larger sale value. To put the greater picture into figures, if you were to increase the average sale value by just $1 per sale and you make 500 sales per month, that’s a bonus $500 per month ($6,000/year!). Bundle Upsell allows you to create custom bundles for any of your products and even create discounts to entice your customers to purchase the bundles.

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