5 Best E-commerce Payment Gateways for Shopify Dropshipping Stores In 2020

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Dropshipping has become very popular in the world now. Everyone wants to get involved, but there’s little knowledge about it. Drop-shippers represent fifteen percent of the e-commerce market in the UK and other countries like the US. This percentage is growing at a high rate.

Drop shipping is buying goods without paying for them until customers place orders for them. It is a very efficient way of running a store without owning an actual store. It saves sellers the stress of having those items stored somewhere before selling.

E-commerce payment gateways are there to organise transactions and connect the store with a bank account. After placing an order, you need a payment gateway to pay for it. The portals work hand in hand with the banks and help you to pay for goods online. All the gateways collect are the credit card details, and they deduct the total price of your purchase from your account.

Gateways are essential for business. They make dropshipping simpler because they hasten the process of placing and receiving orders by paying on the spot. This article would focus on the best payment gateways for Dropshippers.

Selecting a Payment Gateway:

1. Select one with a low transaction fee! This ensures more money in the account for you.

2. Select one that most people are using. This assures you that they are one of the best because if not people won’t use them.

3. Check for compatibility with your store. Some gateways refuse to work with dropshippers due to the rate of refunds processed.

4. Check the expansion of the gateway. You want your store to grow in good time so of what use would it be if you have a gateway that won’t be able to cater to your store’s needs when it grows.

5. Check reviews. What do people think about the gateway, does it make shopping seamless?

Best Payment Gateways.

These are some of the most popular gateways now. These gateways work with Dropshipping and are very popular.

1. Stripe: a great choice because it supports all major cards. It is an American company and is currently available in over 23 countries. It is very popular because it offers direct integration with the e-commerce site. This ensures that the customers never get redirected to another website for payment. They pay right there on your site in seconds. They also gove good support and high-speed transfer.

2. PayPal: accepted in over 200 countries, PayPal also supports all the major is a popular platform and is used by many. With PayPal express checkout, users without PayPal accounts can also place orders and pay on the spot. This simplified things, but PayPal is not without faults of its own. It has been reported that PayPal freezes funds and reviews accounts randomly.

3. 2Checkout: if you need yet another payment gateway that works, try 2Checkout. 2Checkout seems to be in all the countries Stripe, and PayPal is not supported. 2Checkout is in over 85 countries. The downside to using 2Checkout is that they review your transactions. They tend to check everything you do on their platform and sometimes reach out to your customers. That on its own is a red flag because it makes your business appear untrustworthy. It spoils your reputation in the face of your customers. The 7% charge on each transaction doesn't help as well radically reducing your profit and income. As such 2Checkout is not always the first choice for dropshippers.

4. Skrill: available in over 35 countries, Skrill charges 1.9% checkout transfer fees. Skrill also offers an official extension for WooCommerce-based Dropshipping stores which makes integration so much easier.

5. Old and trusted! is one of the oldest gateways for payment and is currently in over 30 countries worldwide. It also has multiple extensions that allow WooCommerce stores integrate easily. One more thing! It offers the cheapest rates!

Easiest gateway to use?

I really can’t say because the decision lies with you. Decide based on your preference and the market you are targeting. However, PayPal is the most used gateway.

You can also select more than one gateway as it helps you find out which method your customers prefer. Also, it gives your customers a choice and an alternative should they need one.

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