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Our Story

E-commerce Mentoring 

Who are we?

The story started back in 2017 We are based in the UK, we have since evolved into a business operating in 15 different countries.   


It’s been quite a journey, but we’ve kept our culture close.


Our enlarged family network has given our team the scale and global reach to work with brands of every size without boundary, as well as access to unbeatable tools and insight from experts in every corner of E-commerce Mentoring & digital marketing.

Our values

Put quite simply, we have a voracious appetite to innovate and to deliver the very best service, at every opportunity. As a collective of experts across E-commerce creation, content distribution, search and data, strategy development, design and development and marketing; our collective passion is second to none.


Creativity is a huge part of the teaching we produce at E-commerce Mentoring, combined with cutting-edge data and visionary strategy, we deliver creative ideas which truly resonate with targeted audiences of value.


We pride ourselves on our contribution to the E-commerce industry. This includes inspiring talks, cutting edge tools and thought leadership pieces, shared across the net. We hold Facebook marketing at the cornerstone of our marketing strategy.


Each and every member of the E-commerce Mentoring team is accountable and empowered to deliver astoundingly good results for our clients. From ensuring our thought leadership is ahead of the pack, to driving a project through to completion, we pull together to do fantastic things for our clients.


We are leaders and not followers. Our proficiency within the industry can be found in any direction online and has been recognised by professional bodies wide and far, as well as our clients most importantly.


Here at E-commerce Mentoring, we are honest and transparent with clients about progression and tactics we use to drive the best ethical results to your business. These morals are carried out by each member of E-commerce Mentoring  

Ami Land
Mentoring Specialist
Covers The USA & Canada

George Gabriel 
Mentoring Specialist Covers Europe 
Kamil Sattar
Owner & Founder
No1 Rated Mentor Covers Established Brands  
Ben Lee
Mentoring Specialist
Covers The Australia & Asia
Jeremy Iu 
Mentoring Specialist Covers The USA & Canada
Kamil Sattar
Owner & Founder

The journey one innovative E-commerce mentor is taking to propel the e-commerce profession forward.

kamil sattar



Kamil Sattar, The King of e-commerce mentoring, is one of the most in-demand mentors in e-commerce and Dropshipping, who has an inspirational story that resonates around the globe.


The E-commerce Mentoring brand is a global movement with one mission: To empower 1,000,000 E-commerce entrepreneurs & start-ups to become successful in life and in business.


Kamil is one of the extremely rare e-commerce mentors that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures.


Kamil Sattar has worked with industry-leading companies in various industries, ranging from luxury goods, digital marketing, education and e-commerce. Kamil has helped companies generate annual sales of more than $5,000,000 a year.




While Kamil continues to grow his companies, his primary focus is on helping other e-commerce entrepreneurs, online businesses and start-ups to live a more sustainable and leveraged business and lifestyle through e-commerce mentoring and equity income.


Over the past 1 year, he’s helped countless new and existing entrepreneurs & online businesses attain higher statuses. Kamil has also helped them add five-six figures to their annual income by building empires around their industry expertise, personal story, and unique market posture.


Kamil is best known for his e-commerce mentoring, which is the world’s most advanced system for getting hundreds of customers every single month with proven marketing strategies.


Kamil is the founder of E-commerce Mentoring, which is the only high-level mentoring completely designed to maximise the income, status, and prestige for experts and businesses selling products programs & services to clients and customers. The group members are also best known for creating exceptional results and impact for their customers & private clients. E-commerce Mentoring is reserved exclusively for serious e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Mathias Boeslmand
Mathias Boelsmand 
Mentoring Specialist Europe 



Mathias Boelsmand, the e-commerce Mentoring Specialist, is a very high in-demand mentor in e-commerce and Drop Shipping, with an inspirational and relatable story that resonates around the globe.


The E-commerce Mentoring brand is a global movement with one mission: To empower 1,000,000 E-commerce entrepreneurs & start-ups to become successful in life and in business.


Mathias is also one of the extremely rare e-commerce mentors that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures.


Mathias Boelsmand has worked with a multitude of start-up businesses in various industries, ranging from luxury goods, digital marketing, education and e-commerce. Mathias has helped businesses generate annual sales of more than $800,000 a year.




While Mathias continues to grow his companies, his primary focus is on helping other e-commerce entrepreneurs, online businesses and start-ups to live a more sustainable and leveraged business and lifestyle through e-commerce mentoring.


Over the past few months, he's helped numerous new and existing entrepreneurs attain higher statuses. Mathias has also helped them add 5-6 figures to their annual income by building empires around their industry expertise, personal story and unique market posture.


Mathias is best known for his work at e-commerce mentoring, which is the world’s most advanced system for getting hundreds of customers every single month with proven marketing strategies.


Mathias is the Mentoring Specialist in E-commerce Mentoring, where he has been trained rigorously by no other than Kamil Sattar, to deliver high-level mentoring designed to maximise the income, status and prestige for experts and businesses selling products programs & services to clients and customers. E-commerce Mentoring is reserved exclusively for serious e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Bill King
Bill King 
Mentoring Specialist United States
Jeremy Iu 
Mentoring Specialist Canada
Jeremy Iu



Jeremy Iu, the e-commerce mentoring expert is in high-demand for aspiring e-commerce and dropshipping business owners. He has a unique story of his journey in developing a profitable business in the competitive e-commerce scene. 


At the beginning of Jeremy’s dropshipping journey, he educated himself through various Youtube videos, Facebook groups, and purchased a few dropshipping courses. He used his knowledge gained through these online resources to launch multiple stores; however, he was unable to find success through this route. After months of creating stores that made inadequate sales, Jeremy decided to enroll in Kamil Sattar’s mentorship program:


“It was amazing to learn new marketing strategies, and tips to build a beautiful converting store, but the main lesson I took away from this mentorship program was a different mindset and approach to running a successful e-commerce business.” 


  • Jeremy Iu


In contrast to the difficult time he experienced at the beginning of his journey, Jeremy is now a successful e-commerce business owner. His mission is to give back to this amazing community by helping those just like him to achieve their goals and find success.



While continuing to run his successful niche stores, Jeremy also spends his time mentoring e-commerce entrepreneurs. Jeremy has become an expert in helping others succeed through his unique, systematic, and detailed approach to mentoring. He is an easy-going character that enjoys building strong relationships with his clients to develop a better understanding of the goals they want to achieve. 


Jeremy is trained by none other than Kamil Sattar, and has obtained valuable skills in order to produce a high-level mentoring experience. Over the last few months, Jeremy has helped various new and existing clients kick-start their e-commerce journey and build profitable stores.


In his free time, Jeremy enjoys playing sports, working out, and binging TV shows. He understands the balance in life which is his reason for pursuing the financial freedom and independence that comes along with running your own e-commerce business. His passion for sharing this lifestyle is why he’s so dedicated to helping his clients achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations. 

Ami Land 
Mentoring Specialist United States
Ami Land

Ami has more than 15 years’ experience working at international companies in US and Europe, Business analyze, Audit, Quality control, Sales support and management and most importantly in age 23 He already was a member of business training association as business trainer for newcomers. No matter what he does, his main goal stays the same “IF YOU DO SOMETHING, DO IT AT WILL AND DO IT PERFECTLY”

After many years of working at 9 to 5 job Ami decided that it was a time to make changes in life, to find endless opportunities and be free as bird. After research his choice was made, and choice was eCommerce. “It takes lots of time and needs many skills to succeed in eCommerce and definitely it’s not easy especially when your firs starting, but honestly What is easy in life? You need to put lots of effort to achieve your goals and be ready to learn consistently. Every day is a new day, new experience and new opportunities.”

He thinks eCommerce is very challenging. It gives you freedom and endless opportunities, of course it takes time to gain experience and feel confident but after that you feel your power and it’s very important knowing that nothing and nobody can stop you!
Ami Currently manages his successful drop shipping store, works on new private label brand and along the way finds time to teach and help newcomers in eCommerce.
- “In eCommerce I can make as much money as I’m ready to commit to it. I can be creative, think out of box and succeed in business. GOT AN IDEA – MAKE IT WORK – MAKE IT REAL!

- Most important is not to lose motivation! When I was a beginner, I made many mistakes and spent lots of money. All happened because of not enough experience. There were times when I was ready to give up but, Self-motivation was a kay to keep believing in myself and work even harder to reach my goals. At first, I got familiar about eCommerce from YouTube channels, Facebook group and eCommerce courses. I can’t say it was not helpful, but it definitely was not enough to succeed. My kay to success was Kamil Sattar who trained me and Taught me all important aspects of eCommerce!

What motivates me to be a mentor and teach others?
- Well…I know how hard it is to start from scratch, spend tremendous number of hours working, but not getting results and loosing motivation. This is what happens in most cases when you are new. I perfectly understand how important is to start right way and make sure all the necessary boxes for success are check and ready to go. I’ve seen so many unprofessionally made ads and websites and it breaks my heart knowing that they are just spending money hopping to find success, but maybe only 1% can get lucky others just lose money and hopefully not loose motivation to improve and learn more. Trust me I’ve been there done that and will never go back. I learned on my mistakes and now it’s my chance to help who really needs it.


Ben Lee
Mentoring Specialist Specific  
Ben Lee

Ben-Lee an E-Commerce mentor from Australia first discovered the world of E-commerce at the start of 2018. Beginning with Amazon FBA, he invested heavily into mentors and online courses, now he successfully sells two private labelled products on the Australian marketplace and soon to launch in the USA.


Ben discovered the world of drop shipping in early 2019, after doing a lot of research himself with free content and also investing heavily into courses, not all were worth the money he must add. Ben was fortunate enough to have linked up with Kamil early in his drop shipping career and has learned from him ever since! Ben was truly fortunate to discover an authentic and honest mentor early in his journey.


With the help of Kamil and his extremely valuable YouTube channel, along with Hard Work and Dedication, and most importantly persistence he has had his own success with drop shipping.


Currently running 2 Niche focused stores, an Amazon Australia business and An Amazon USA business in the making, Ben has now turned to help other new and aspiring E-commerce Entrepreneurs.


Ben is a very likeable character, he loves building lifelong relationships with his clients and thrives off seeing them succeed by learning from his mistakes and successes. Ben is determined to help hundreds if not thousands of students set off on their E-Commerce journey on the right foot. He is also determined to assist his students in reaching financial independence through the power of E-commerce.


In his free time, Ben is a car enthusiast and a passionate family man with a wife and 2-year-old son. He enjoys balancing his free time with his family, cars, and his passion for building e-commerce businesses. Ben hopes that he can pass on his passion for this balanced lifestyle to his aspiring entrepreneurial clients.

George Gabriel
Mentoring Specialist Europe

George started just like everyone else watching youtube videos and trying everything on his own, by losing a lot of money on Facebook ads and paid courses that were full of outdated information, he was on the verge of giving up.

After coming across Kamil's channel George noticed that he was one of the only YouTubers who are giving pure value to people so he decided to take action and join the mentoring programme and in his first month he was able to make 32,000$ in revenue

He truly believes that having the right mindset is the key to success

George also believes that the most fulfilling feeling in the world is when you succeed and you help others to succeed as well
That's why he joined the mentoring team with a goal to change lives and create his own 6 figures students.

Mohamed Mahmoud
Mentoring Specialist Europe

Mohamed started his E-Commerce Journey almost 2 years ago. Following some „Gurus“ on YouTube led to the spending of almost $2’000 on Paid Courses and „Mentorship“ he never got. Disappointed from the money he has spent and seeing no results in return, he was almost giving up. Then he discovered the YouTube Channel of „The Ecom King“ and started to implement the free advice he was offering on YouTube. After just implementing what Kamil suggests on his videos his sales went 2000% up. So he decided to have frequent calls with Kamil so he could scale his business even more.


After having some positive results in his stores, he was offered the position as a mentor.

Being forever grateful for what Kamil has given him, he is now ready to help others to achieve their goals in E-Commerce. With the experience of having multiple stores created and scaled and now also living from E-Commerce, he is more than happy to show you how to get there.


In his free time Mohamed loves watching football games, travelling and getting to know new people.

Mentoring Specialist Europe

Vedank is an e-commerce mentor who runs multiple stores in the European and American market. He speaks English, French and Hindi.


At the beginning of its journey, Vedank was working in a Digital Advertising Agency. He consumed Kamil’s YouTube videos and managed to make its first sales. He then realized that he needed quality support in order to create a profitable store: he joined this e-mentoring program as a student.


Thanks to the established process of this mentorship program, he made $150,000 in sales between October and November 2020. He then reinvested his profits in creating multiple stores and joined the team as a mentor.


Vedank worked for more than 5 years as an employee in a digital agency: Facebook, Google, Pinterest and TikTok Ads are part of his daily life.

He is also passionate about marketing and does his utmost to ensure that each of his students' stores reflects a realistic brand look and feel.


Vedank has a clear goal: he wants to share his passion and skills in e-commerce so that he can help others quit their jobs or gain freedom, in order to help them achieve their dreams.

Mentoring Specialist Europe

Jorge is an avid learner of all things related to marketing and e-commerce. Coming from an academic background in tax law, his journey in e-commerce started with creating a few small stores.


The multidisciplinary appeal of business coupled with the creativity-intensive work in digital marketing quickly turned Jorge into an e-commerce aficionado. After a few months of intensively studying marketing and e-commerce, Jorge decided to join the E-commerce Mentoring program to start working full-time on his business.


The results were quick, in no time Jorge achieved over six figures in sales. E-commerce Mentoring tailored to your goals Jorge knows that the E-commerce Mentoring program was essential in learning a core set of skills that made his business successful. Digital marketing is a new, dynamic, and ever-evolving field, so he believes that getting one-on-one knowledge from an established professional is an invaluable opportunity.


Now, Jorge wants to assist both new and established e-commerce business owners and digital marketers to achieve success in this very same way: taking full advantage of the drop shipping fulfilment model and all of the latest techniques, taught in an intensive mentorship program, tailored to each student’s goals. When he’s not devouring the latest digital marketing book, you can find Jorge working on his daily dose of gaming and/or classical history.

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