No1 Rated Mentoring Program. 

Service By E-commerce Mentoring 

Here at E-commerce Mentoring we provide real 1to1 e-commerce & dropshipping 1to1 professional mentoring for businesses owners from beginners to professionals we pride ourselves on real results that's why we are rated the No1 mentors in the industry 

Our Proven Mentoring System

For 6-7 Figure Stores.  


We help you find winning products using the latest tools and techniques to fast track your success with track record products 


We help you build a campaign from scratch to test the product to see if it has the potential for scaling  


We help you build a store around the latest trends we make sure your store has the necessary features to convert at ease 


We help you build retargeting campaigns for those that showed interest in your product to maximize the data & sales


We help you with all the apps you need to ensure store automation like email marketing, order fulfillment, retention


We help you build scaling campaigns to maximize what's working at this point you’re KILLING IT! 

What's Included?

Daily Mentoring Calls 


One of the mentoring specialists do 15 Calls A month with you 1to1 over Skype or Zoom, calls last between 30-60 minutes your allowed to record calls, this is very intense to ensure the fastest results possible, you also get direct contact with the mentoring specialist between calls for any questions.  

6-7 Figure Ecom Strategies 

When working with the mentoring specialist you'll receive PDF files and videos explaining strategies that make 6-7 figure results, The mentoring specialists help you with each step of the process 1to1 to ensure the fastest results. 

Step By Step Live Training 

When working with the mentoring specialist he or she will be helping you live on calls from creating the Facebook campaigns to looking over your campaign stats,  to ensure the best results possible. 

Social Media Platforms We Utilise 

We help select and prioritize the social media platforms which match your goals and will give you the best results for the best price ensuring you have healthy profit margins on ad spend.

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