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The Ultimate E-commerce Community

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Ecom Royals paid group


Stay ahead of the curve in the fast-evolving e-commerce space by participating in a group with daily input from the industry-leading experts.

We've changed the game. Again.

E-commerce Mentoring presents: the Ecom Royals Paid Group

Message from the CEO - Kamil Sattar aka The Ecom King


Here's how:

"Tell me what company you keep, and I will tell you what you are" 

- Miguel de Cervantes, in "Don Quixote" (1605)

The e-commerce journey can be a lonely road and we remember how it felt to be at the start of this long challenge, not knowing where to turn for the best information.

Your success is heavily influenced by those that you surround yourself with and having to figure out everything by yourself can lead to very slow and inefficient progression, and pace is everything in this game.

With time dropshipping has become more competitive than ever, and to succeed in this business now you have to be on top of the game. Your plain-looking store and the winning product you picked from 2018 will not work anymore.

Facebook ads prices keep reaching all-time highs and finding a winning product now is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You might think you have better chances of succeeding by winning the lottery.

Well you can either keep watching while others are making millions with this business each year and wonder how they do it or... you can join a team of experts and like-minded entrepreneurs that can take your hand and guide you straight to your success,

and start setting the pace.

ECOM ROYALS LOGO_compressed_transparent.png

"Group" is an understatement.

It's so much more:

the perfect middle ground

You know our free content on YouTube - no one does it better. 

You know our elite mentoring program, there's nothing like it.

The Ecom Royals Paid Group is the perfect middle ground - the best e-commerce education solution on the market for a fraction of the price of mentoring.


8 hours of attention from industry-leading experts answering your questions.

No generic fluff - get direct answers to your questions from who knows best.


Participate in Live Training sessions held by the admins on the most current topics.

The latest TikTok strategy that you wanted to learn? The perfect Google Ads for your new product?

It's all here.

Dedicated Guidance in a Telegram Group?


Recorded Evergreen Strategies

8 hours LIVE strategy sessions form leading industry experts every month

FREE 1on1 consultation calls for long-term subscribers

Insider mastermind group chat

Early Access Facebook, Google & TikTok Strategies

Store Reviews

Insider Strategies: the latest strategies from the admins' own stores

Special Coupons & Discounts

Access to the Best Agents & Suppliers

Updates on our ecommerce brands



How to Join Now - Step by Step

Meet the ECOM ROYALS Team



  • Kamil Sattar is an award winning E-commerce expert featured by Forbes & Oberlo. 

  • Extensive experience in growing brands and settings new trends in the e-commerce space.

  • World-renowed mentor and public speaker in e-commerce and digital marketing.



  • Jorge Vieira is a Facebook & Google Ads expert.

  • Has acheived multiple six-figures in revenue from his e-commerce business.

  • Consultant and Mentor in E-commerce and Digital Marketing.


  • George Gabriel is a Facebook Ads expert.

  • Owns multiple e-commerce brands.

  • E-commerce mentoring specialist. 



  • Jeremy Iu is a Facebook & TikTok Ads expert.

  • Has built 2 long term brands that have made over $100k in revenue each

  • Achieved 7 figure cumulative revenue in his stores.

Hang on, There's More!
Long-time Subscriber Perks

1 Month Subscribers

  • All group features

6 Months Subscribers

  • All group features

  • Access to exclusive live group training sessions on the latest up-to-date insider strategies.

  • FREE 1on1 Consultation Call (15 minutes, one time)

12 Months Subscribers

  • All group features

  • Access to exclusive live group training sessions on the latest up-to-date insider strategies.

  • FREE 1on1 Consultation Call (30 minutes, one time)

Extended Subscriptions are Available at a Discounted Rate.
An Extended Subscription Will Give You Immediate Access to the Respective Long-time Subscriber Perks!
Click "Join Now" to Learn More.

Dropshippers Just Like You Are Doing This!

Ahmed Made Over $70K in His First 30 Days!

This is Callum

He started with a small investment and reinvested his profits, now he's at $1K a week and growing!

This is David A 40 Year old Father of 2 who used to work a 9 to 5 job.

After joining our community with no  previous knowledge, he went from 0 to 116k a month within 3 months of joining.

They Did It, and You Can Too!

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